I have been a civil-litigation attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio for over twenty years. My law practice is designed to meet the personal needs of clients and to achieve high-quality legal results. As for my clients, I personally deal with each individual during the entire course of representation –- from the first phone call to the final wrap up of settlement or judgment. With that approach, I stay informed of my clients’ concerns and expectations. At the same time, I keep my clients involved in the preparation and progress of the case. As for results, I emphasize detailed factual investigation, rigorous legal research, thorough witness preparation, persuasive legal writing, and tenacious courtroom presentation to judge and jury.

I graduated with honors from Ohio State law school in 1992. During law school I was a member of the Ohio State Law Journal. In my second year on law journal, I served as a managing editor. When I graduated, I received the Past Editors Award for excellence in service to the journal.

After law school, I worked for two years as a staff attorney for the First District Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio.

After that, I started my career as a litigation attorney. In the last twenty years, I have successfully litigated a broad range of cases in federal and state courts. Those cases include lawsuits involving employment matters, financial fraud, personal injury, housing disputes, and public records.

The courts in which I have litigated those cases include federal district courts in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Kentucky (pro hac vice); federal bankruptcy court; federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals; state common pleas in Ohio and Indiana (pro hac vice); the Ohio courts of appeals; and the Ohio Supreme Court.

In those courts, I handled cases for individual clients, cases for multiple plaintiffs, and cases against multiple defendants. I have also represented all plaintiffs in class-action litigation.

Employment Litigation

Discrimination, Retaliation, Harassment, Termination

Financial Fraud

Real Estate Fraud, Securities Fraud, Ponzi Schemes, Fraudulent Conveyance, Debt/Foreclosure Counseling

Personal Injury

Automobile Accidents, Defamation

Housing Disputes

Discrimination, Landlord/Tenant, Retaliation

Public Records

State Law, Federal Law

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