Litigation Process

You contact me by phone or e-mail and explain the basic facts of the dispute in which you are involved.

You meet with me and bring copies of all documents related to your dispute and a list of potential witnesses.

I investigate the facts of your case so that I have a thorough understanding of the dispute.

I send a letter to the opposing party explaining our theory of the case.

In employment cases, if appropriate, we will file a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

We explore the possibility of settlement to resolve the case without litigation.

If settlement is not possible at that point, you and I make a decision about proceeding with litigation.

If we decide to proceed with litigation, I draft and file a complaint against the opposing party.

We proceed with discovery, which includes exchanging documents and taking sworn testimony from witnesses.

I draft and file necessary documents to persuade the judge that the case should go to trial.

If the judge agrees, we begin trial preparation.

We conduct a trial.

At all stages, we continue to explore the possibility of a reasonable settlement.